Art Director

dobro°ccs is looking for an experienced art director who loves to create motion graphics of a great talent and is not afraid of complex creative tasks. It's a great chance to work on the broadcast design projects, projection mapping shows, titles for feature films, infographics and complex full-CG commercials.

Please send your resume to with the subject "Experienced Art Director".

These are the tasks which art director of dobro°.ccs solves as part of the production of the project:
1. Writing treatment and approving concepts with the client
2. Drawing the storyboard at a basic level (stick figures)
3. Researching references to set tasks within the project
4. Breaking down the project with the producer
5. Setting specific tasks for the team as part of the project production
6. Creating production style frames
7. Commenting team’s dailies
8. Analyzing client comments, turning them into specific tasks
9. Managing the result of the work in the process of delivery
10. Presenting the results of the teamwork to the client
11. Collecting the materials for publishing the project to social media

Ideally, the art director of dobro°css, is able to:
1. Draw by hand
2. Quickly find a reference for any occasion
3. Work in Photoshop (and ideally, in After Effects)
4. Have a sense of rhythm, know how to edit
5. Work with fonts
6. Tell the team how to make the picture look better
7. Make creative decisions on his own
8. Clearly convey the creative message to the team without losing it in the process
9. Present the results of the work in front of the client
10. Listen and hear the client

Minimal requirements for the candidate:
1. Basic Art Education
2. Previous working experience at the similar position for at least 3 years (portfolio is required)

What can work in dobro°css offer to you?
1. Cool projects in your portfolio
2. Excellent team and leadership
3. Continuous professional development
4. Interesting activities
5. Relocation assistance, if you're not in Moscow
6. System of bonuses, as a result of productive work
Thank you for your interest!