Dobrov on Air

Graphic design for "Dobrov on air" program on RenTV channel

Dear friends! We are happily presenting you our project — the updated graphic design of the final analytical program “Dobrov on air” for the Ren-TV channel.
Before / After
Our task within the framework of the project was to rethink the visual component of the intro that already existed in the TV program, without changing the meaning of what was happening in the frame. We have added trendy graphic elements to the picture without breaking the original concept and plot of the current intro.
New surroundings
We believe, that it was a fresh and dope idea to add drone cameras to the video. It allowed us to achieve a feeling of greater depth of frame, in the absence of real scenery — all the physical elements that were presented in the old version of the design were replaced by a more modern version of their embodiment — the holograms. This way we were able to get a more epic feeling of the space in which the host of the TV program is located.
We created new shots and new choreography of the camera movement, so we had to reshoot Andrey Dobrov for our project.
Color themes
Ren-TV channel has some long traditions, so we had to stick to the customer's palette of colors, and there is a lot of orange color in the frame. However while searching for solutions, we have developed other options that we also want to share with you. We like these options a lot as well, and we believe that they look relevant for modern trends of motion design production.
Creative director: Alexey Dimkov
Executive Producer: Timofey Penkov
Chief Technical Officer: Dmitry Dolgikh
Coordinator: Anna Boyarkina
Producers: Kir Skaletski, Konstantin Guryanov
Special thanks to: Andrey Krasavin, Alexey Krasavin

Dobro team: Vladimir Kirillov, Anton Mishenin, Alexandr Tokar, Stepan Neupokoev, Anna Pozdeeva, Anaida Khovrenkova, Lenar Akhmetzyanov, Victor Marchenko, Arseniy Sozinov
IT support: Vadim Dobrazhan
Hardware Support: Smartex