Invasion Prologue

Client: Vodorod Pictures
Creative Director: Alexey Dimkov
Capabilities: Film Design / Opening Titles / Intro Sequence

Project Summary

Dear friends! We’d like to share the project that we have made as part of the work on the “Invasion” blockbuster, which was released in 2020. We have developed the interface of a military organization, and also visualized the spaceship’s POV — an artificial intelligence called Sol. To begin with, we offer you to watch a reel in which we recall our work on the first part of the “Attraction” franchise.

Making of Prologue

In order to make an idea with travelling though Sol’s mind readable for the viewer, we decided to visually emphasize the nature of his artificial intelligence and chose a special style of image: the space of Sol’s thoughts and memory is seen as a cloud of digital points. As we travel through this space, we see recognizable images collected from these points, frozen in time. This approach has required a massive deal of effort and thought, and we are happy to present you with a making-of where we share the technical challenges we faced and the ways we solved them.


And here is some bonus stuff — fullres 4K production stillsframes.


As usual, our project starts with a classic storyboard, which we draw on paper in pencil in the old fashioned way. Here, for example, is some frames of storyboard of the Prologue:

Creative director: Alexey Dimkov
Executive Producer: Timofey Penkov
Chief Technical Officer: Dmitrii Dolgikh

Producer/coordinator: Alina Kilevaya

dobro° team:
Kirill Vygranenko, Yuliana Griganskaya, Alexander Guryev, Vladimir Kirillov, Tatyana Krasotenko, Victor Marchenko, Anton Mishenin, Stepan Neupokoev, Anna Pozdeeva, Marina Pustovaya, Dmitriy Rodin, Arseniy Sozinov, Arthur Terletskiy, Alexander Tokar, Artem Khabakhpashev, Anaida Khovrenkova, Anna Boyarkina, Dmitriy Vandyshev

IT support: Vadim Dobrazhan
Hardware Support: Smartex

Special thanks to: Indar Dzhendubaev, Igor Kozitsyn, Sergey Movchan, Artur Gadzhiev