We always have a lot of awesome and interesting work to share with the new employees in dobro°.ccs. We try to take projects that can level up not only our technical skills, but also increase our erudition, so there are no boring tasks here.
Years of experience have allowed us to develop a team strategy which allows each employee to feel an important part of the process and we encourage active participation in studio life and decision making.
If you are brave, smart, skillful, try yourself in dobro°.ccs!
Open Application
We are always looking for new talents, so even if we do not have an open position at the moment, be sure to write to us and attach your showreel, we will certainly watch it and there’s a chance that we will invite you to join our team!
If you are interested in working with us as a freelancer — be sure to drop us a line! Even if we don't have a proper task for you right now, we will put you in our list, and at the right moment we will surely remember you.