Light Phenomena

Light Phenomena is a final part of Mapping show at the Opening Ceremony of the Circle of Light — the 5th Annual Contest

This is a heart-stirring and beautiful steampunk-inspired story about young and dreamy guy, who lost his dog. He is travelling in a fairy world full of light phenomena in search of it. And finally he found not only the dog but also love! This extremely laborious and interesting project took two sleepless and restless months. Eventually we did 8 mins Full CG video, totally 3D, 14K resolution.

So, here are  some funny statistics:

- more than 50 rough sketches
- several ths of refs
- 3 days of mocap  session
- 3 highpoly rigged charecters
- 9 highpoly locations, based on sketches
- 2.5TB of render sources
- 1.2 TB of  3D scenes
- 300 cans of RedBull 
This video demonstrated with 180 projectors at the Circle of Light festival opening in Moscow on the Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation. This is a huge building more than 250 meters in width. This event was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records! We are proud and happy to present this story to you and want to thank everyone who helps us with the most complicated and ambitious project in all our career.
Envinroment Sketches