Polar Brotherhood

CG episodes of historical reconstruction of Air Battles for the Documentary film.

Air force documentary with highquality CG has been recently joined the ranks of our team portfolio. We are honored to share the results of our glorious job.
Close cooperation with historians, usage of archival records and schemes, interviews with aviators and eyewitnesses allowed us to provide both high-grade visual and veracious story.
This project was a difficult and challenging task to complete, and we put a lot of effort and skills to portray this important and little-known story of incredible act of courage and bravery. This incident took place at Murmansk in September 1941 and was accomplished by soviet and british pilots, who worked together as a team and fearlessly stood against german nazi invaders.

Some Work-in-Progress Stuff

We were inspired by memoirs of practical aviators and real chronicles. It was our goal to show the story as authentical as it was possible. So we spent long hours to create exact battle reconstructions.
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