dobro°ccs is looking for an experienced producer who loves to create motion graphics of a great talent and is not afraid of complex creative tasks, knows how to quickly solve questions and love to communicate with clients. It’s a great chance to work on the broadcast design projects, projection mapping shows, titles for feature films, infographics and complex full-CG commercials.

Please send your resume to with the subject "Experienced Producer".

These are the tasks which producer of dobro°.ccs solves as part of the production of the project:
1. Working with client
2. Estimating the project cost with the head of production on initial stage
3. Breaking down the project
4. Creating the project’s roadmap 
5. Holding daily status checks with the team
6. Holding dailies sessions with the team
7. Writing contact-reports
8. Solving issues related to the production of projects on a daily basis
9. Reporting on your project workflow on a weekly basis
10. Troubleshooting within the studio production processes
11. Working with project documentation (contracts, timings, budgets)

Ideally, the producer of dobro°css, is able to:
1. Is able to write a production timing 
2. Knows how to work with risks
3. Can promptly solve issues within the production process
4. Can solve conflicts and miscommunication issues inside the team
5. Is a rational thinker
6. Is able to work with contracts, timings and budgets
7. Has excellent writing skills
8. Is able to expose thoughts clearly

Minimal requirements for the candidate:
1. Previous working experience at the similar position for at least 2 years (resume and portfolio is required)
2. High English language skills
3. Understanding of VFX pipeline and production processes

What can work in dobro°css offer to you?
1. Cool projects in your portfolio
2. Excellent team and leadership
3. Continuous professional development
4. Relocation assistance, if you're not in Moscow
5. System of bonuses, as a result of productive work
Thank you!