Events Content
Projection shows
What can make a show truly memorable? No one can stay calm if a familiar building turns into a fairytale forest or tropical jungle just in front of him.
We turn pixels into magic, and our studio has all the infrastructure needed for it.
360° panoramic projections
Complete immersion! We love immersive projects and we will gladly surround the viewer with our content from all sides. With the help of panoramic projection, we will create a wormhole in the boundless space or a secret door to a protected forest untouched by man at your event. We make incredibly complex, exciting and dynamic 360° and VR scenes that will stay in the audience’s memory for a long time.
Data Visualisation
We have secret tools and knowledge that help us turn dry numbers and flat charts into moving pictures that are breathtaking, but still clear and accessible to convey all the necessary information. Trust us, data visualisation can be alluring and unforgettable! We know, how to make any topic look attractive and intriguing: from novelties in a public transport park to the anatomy of white sharks.
Feature Films
Titles Design
There are different kind of movie titles: sometimes they tell you a whole story - a separate plot that immerses the viewer in the atmosphere of the film before the main action even starts, and sometimes it's just a well-worked typography, intricately and gracefully inscribed in the space of the frame. We love titles of any kind, and we always treat such projects with special awe - we love cinema with all our hearts.
Production Design
In an era of technological progress, everyone wants to be Elon Musk, just for a bit. We can't invent a rocket that will successfully land on Earth after a space flight, but we can develop futuristic devices, fantastic interfaces and holographic gadgets no worse than Tony Stark. Whether your project is a 19th-century detective or a fantasy about superheroes, we know what design to offer to decorate your story with memorable details. 
Advertising video is a great opportunity to show your product in a way that will interest the audience and attract customers. We will help you find the best visual solution so that your ad will never be switched. Full CG or computer graphics integrated into the shooting data — we have extensive experience in producing a variety of projects, and we are happy to offer you our services. We are able to quickly generate ideas, listen to comments carefully, solve problems creatively and keep our promises unconditionally.

Hardware Setup
Our fantasy can only be limited by low capacity of computer hardware, but fortunately we have partners who provide all the necessary infrastructure to support the event of your dreams. You can safely entrust us with everything you need to visualize your event. We and our partner will do our best with to make sure your clients stay more than thrilled.