Skoda Kodiaq Tour 2018

Full Dome Projection Show

Dear friends! Let us introduce you an unusual project, which we were lucky to accomplish as part of the Skoda Auto road-show in 2018. The show was held in 6 cities of Russia. Our task was to create a projection show inside a hemispherical tent with a diameter of 20 meters, where the car was entering. Our experienced viewer was to make a virtual tour in the most possible realistic environments, created in the shortest time.
Many thanks to our partners, SDI, for technical support and personally to Pavel Klimenko for patience and understanding.

In addition to the main content that was projected onto the inner side of the dome, we faced the task of making a VR version. To accomplish it, we had to create a photo-realistic interior of the Skoda Kodiaq, so that the viewer could feel himself driving this beautiful car and make a journey through the locations we created.
Thank you for watching!

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