dobro°.ccs studio provides a full range of services for the creation of CGI: from large-scale projections, knocking you down with its epicness, to the movie titles – there are no boundaries and categories for us, we can work with any resolution and any scale of the project.
Our team consists of motion design and visual effects artists with wide experience in a huge variety of projects, and we successfully use this knowledge to solve tasks that may seem impossible at first sight. 
We can dive into you project at the very first production stages, and help you develop not only a visual concept of the project, but also a storytelling one — we know exactly how to make a story look real and believable. We would also love to present you with a conception of how your product can be shown in the most advantageous and attractive sight.
We love that each project makes us a little bit of an expert in a new field, whether it's the specifics of racing cars or characteristics of football stadiums. We are very attentive to the details and wishes of our clients, and always find the opportunity to adapt our design concepts to any budget and timing. 
This particular production style led us to winning a number of motion design awards, and we’ve got to admit that’’s only the beginning!
Our founders
Timofey Penkov
Executive Producer, Co-Founder
Timofey is an executive producer of the studio. During his long career at CG, he has worked his way up from a designer to head of production of the largest computer graphics studios in Russia. Timofey has participated in various epic Russian advertising and film projects. The extensive experience and wide knowledge of all the nuances of visual content production allows Timofey to manage the studio perfectly and build a successful development strategy for the company. 
Timofey is a time management master and self-organization guru, he knows all about project production and sometimes he gives master-classes for the team, helping our artists to get better into planning time and tasks.
Alex Dimkov
Creative Director, Co-Founder
Alexey is a creative director of dobro°.ccs. There is a huge experience behind his broad shoulders. He worked on such massive projects as the opening of the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, Eurovision 2008 and many others. 
A sharp eye, a steady hand and an incomprehensible imagination – that’s a recipe for a perfect combo that allows Alexey to generate creative ideas and supervise the work of the entire studio. All the magic that we create from pixels comes from his thoughtful artistic guidance. 
Dmitry Dolgikh
Technical Director, Co-Founder
Dmitry is our chief technical officer. He knows the answers to all the questions and is able to solve any technical problem. Thanks to him, even the most impossible ideas of our creative director can come to life without losing a drop of its super-awesomeness. Dmitry is a professional visualization artist and lightning TD with an extensive practical experience in both film and advertising fields.
As technical director, Dmitry is responsible for making sure that dobro°.ccs studio runs quickly and efficiently, and the result of our work looks even more impressive than it was originally planned.