Maly Theatre

Dramatic light-show for annual Moscow Festival "Circle of Light" 2017

We are honoured to present you one of the latest of our works – "Timeless". It is a mapping show that we've recently created for the Circle of Light Festival, which took place this autumn at the Theatre square. This time our mapping show was projected on two facades at the same time, and it was a unique opportunity for us to work on such complicated project.
The show was dedicated to the anniversary of the Maly Theatre, which is known as a cradle of theatrical art. Our goal was to preserve the heritage of the theatre as carefully as possible.
Alexander Ostrovsky is the main hero of the show and he guides the viewers to the magical journey through time, literature and dramatic performances.
Creation process

Any theatre begin with a hanger and any project start with a storyboard :)
At the very start of the project, we've created a very fast draft storyboard, based on a literature script. This quick stage allowed us to move further.
Concepts | Intro

All of the concepts in these scenes were based on real architecture of Maly Theatre. The crew of the Theatre kindly agreed to give us a most interesting tour of the building and showed us amazing interiors and decor.
We had lots of photographs from that trip, so the only thing we needed there is to develop an idea of inscribing the architecture of Maly theatre into architecture of Bolshoy theatre.
Concepts | Jorney

We were very inspired by the works of fine artists and decoration artists of Maly theatre. So while creating the sketches, we were watching the famous perfor-mances of Maly Theatre and noted some interesting moments in its stage design that could be used in our content.
The story of the show is a journey through time, where Ostrovsky meets several famous russian authors, and it was important for us to recreate a distinct atmosphere of every dramaturge's art projects.

These concepts are based on the art of Konstantin Yuon. We chose to perform this scene as paper-made object, to reproduce a feeling of analogue antiqueness.

Here we wanted to archive a sense monumentality and tragedy of Russian history. We were highly inspired by stage design of pay, which were performed in Maly Theatre.

We tried to get a scent of fading noblesse here by every  details of the architecture in this scene. 

It was important for us to show a soul of the theatre and also take our viewer to the backstage of the theatre and to guide him through glorious pieces of Ostrovcky's art.
Due to the high-mind theme of the show, we had a terrific chance to immerse into magical theatrical atmosphere and we are extremely thankful to everyone who shared this unbelievable experience with us.