Winline X50
Client: Mullenlowe Moscow
Capabilities: Commercial / Full CG
Project Summary
Dear friends! Once again, we are proud to present you a commerical video for Winline, one of the largest bookmakers in Russia. The advertising campaign was timed to coincide with the 2021 UEFA European Football Championship. The video promotes Winline’s new online product — X50. This is a game with a maximum win of 50 million rubles.​​​​​​​
As part of the campaign, we needed first to produce a teaser so that it would already be on air and stir up interest, and in the meantime we were making the main video.
Shooting Scheme​​​​​​​
As always, we had a plan and we stuck to it. Usually we draw storyboards, but sometimes we build logical schemes to maintain the harmony of the narrative and the continuity of the story. This is what we did this time.
We always attach great importance to the presentation of the materials. Even an animatic should look not only clear, but also beautiful, and the voice, even being draft, should still sound professional.
X50 Dice
We paid the closest attention to the cube as the main symbol of the game, and tried many ways to lighten and texture it until we got the perfect result.
Development of miniature locations
The key idea was to produce miniature locations of famous sights of 7 countries. Moreover, we needed to make such changes in the geometry so that technically they would look like different buildings, but still the famous landmarks could be unmistakably recognizable in them.
Smartphone Interface
The options for the look of the smartphone, as well as for the miniatures, were conceived as wooden objects. Everyone really liked the idea, but in the final version they decided to abandon such an extravagant solution and make a safer, more traditional variant.
Preliminary Compositing
The first compositing options were much more brutal and dramatic, but in the end we came to the final outcome with much more festive and elegant version.
Some Stillframes​​​​​​​

Thanks for watching!